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APG: Automotive Parts Group

BAU: Business As Usual (no change) or Behavioral Analysis Unit

BP ?prefix, as in BP01, BP02, …;

DC: Distribution Center

DMOD; Division Modeler

EPTS: Effective Potential To Sale.   The modified (by runing through business rules) version of the PTS value that is referenced when Pulse decides whether or not to include a part as an order/return.

GPC: Genuine Parts Company

IBS: Integrated Business Solutions

MIC: Marketplace Inventory Classification: Software application.

MDM: Master Data Management

MIO: Manhattan Inventory Optimization: Company, tools for inventory replenishment

OR (as in OR Exported , Submitted);

PLF: Product Line File (Normally referring to settings at the field line abbr/group code level for a store).

Polk (car registration);

POG: Plan-o-gram

POC: Proof of Concept

POS: Point of Sale

PTS: Propensity To Sell (Pulse data modeling)

RDC: Rapid Distribution Center

RPM:Real-Time Parts Management  (new POS system to replace TAMS)

SDG: Store Data Governance  

SPSS: IBM tool used in the modeling engine of Pulse

SSG: System Selling Group  (Sales teams focused on categories like "Electrical" or "Commodities" )

SM: Sales Manager (One per DC )

SDG: Store Data Governance

TAMS: Total Automotive Management System

TMOD: Territory Modeler

TSM (as on APG MIC visio chart); Territory Sales Manager (Generally several per DC and work with owners)

UAP: United Auto Parts (NAPA Canada)

VIO: Vehicles in Operation